The Four Shields of Balance are ways humans manifest themselves.

Practical teachings given that can be used in everyday life to create balance and wholeness, either one to one or group work available.

The Inner Nurturer – South Direction

The Inner Child -West direction

The Inner Warrior- North direction

The Inner Sage – East Direction

We can call upon these Four Shields to what most energy is needed in any situation and for responding in the moment.

The qualities of the Four Shields are the thoughts and energy the self carries when in balance.  These qualities are both a diagnostic and an activating tool- they can also be called sub-personalities which make up our inner family. We must brighten these shields so each of the sub-personalities is expressing itself, when we do this it pulls us into our centre, the place of balance.

When these Sub- Personalities are not being expressed they become dysfunctional and we have an inner conflict going on inside us.  This causes us to be reactive rather than proactive in life.

These Parts of ourselves each have their own unique qualities to express and contribute as a part of the whole and are meant to work together in harmony.




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