Over the last 20 years i have trained with Indigenous and non Indigenous teachers and  taken part in sacred shamanic plant ceremonies originating  from the Amazon in an effort to heal myself and put myself back together.

I have learnt from several different cultural wisdom traditions over the years from Mayan and Toltec wisdom teachings for balancing the self as well as Inca medicine and North American medicine ceremonies.

I have trained to run Sweat lodge ceremonies and vision quest and during this time was made a carrier of the sacred pipe, i have since returned the sacred pipe to mother Earth as i reached a point on my path where i recognised that i had to become the pipe rather than praying to an outside force, knowing that i am the environment and all change comes from within.

During my journey of self healing and discovery i have been given a vision to help others that to bring inner harmony into their lives through sacred medicine teachings from various Native traditions.

I have direct experience of child abuse and the dysfunctional patterns that can arise and as a result it is my  belief that my  experience of these issues means i can offer help and support to others in healing themselves and finding self empowerment.

The key to healing these particular issues lie in healing the sub personalities and allowing our inner child which is one of them to feel safe again by learning to come home to ourselves and giving ourselves the things  we missed out on as a child.

If you did not have a good parent as a child you can be a good parent to yourself now!

You do not have to have been abused to have a dysfunctional  inner family, the  sub- personalities when not working together become dysfunctional and  create negative consequences in our life, so although i feel i am particularly suited to help abuse survivors my knowledge and experience is for anyone looking to bring balance and harmony from within themselves to create a more harmonious inner and outer environment.  Guidance and practical wisdom is offered to help navigate through life more gracefully

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